How To Make Quinoa Pizza

If you have tried many pizza recipes today, we offer you a different and distinctive recipe which is the work of pizza quinoa is very delicious and simple and does not need you to paste because gluten-free and healthy especially for vegetarians to get in the end crispy pizza, all you need is soak the mixture of quinoa All night and start using it in the morning with a range of other health ingredients

Make a quinoa pizza

The first step, how to prepare quinoa:
You can buy a quinoa pack from the supermarket and you will probably find it near the rice. Prepare a suitable bowl, place the quinoa inside, fill the bowl with water and soak the quinoa inside for at least 8 hours or overnight.
After soaking, you can use a strainer or screen to drain the water and you can find the quinoa on its own.

 Step two, prepare the necessary ingredients:
1 cup whole grain corn.
 2 tablespoons of your favorite spices (preferably thyme and dried basil).
1 teaspoon of salt.
6 -7 leaves of basil.
 Quinoa soaked cup.
2 tablespoons pesto sauce (optional)
Make original pizza dough

The third step, filler processing:
It is very easy to prepare whole corn grains by placing a cup of corn grains in a bowl and reheating them over medium heat for a few minutes and then putting the mixture on the side.
Chop 1/2 red onion into small pieces and place in the pan over medium heat until it turns brown and you enjoy the delicious comfort.
In the end, do not forget to put dried spices and basil leaves on the mixture.

Step 4: Mix the ingredients together to get the pizza dough:
To get the quinoa pizza dough you need to mix the ingredients together in an electric blender bowl.

Step five, cooking:
Heat a pan over medium heat and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil or vegetable oil to the pan and pour the mixture in the middle of the pan gently.
Cook for 5 – 4 minutes or until the bottom of the mixture begins to turn brown and turn the mixture to the opposite side until it turns brown.
Now the quinoa pizza is ready to put the stuffing that I have prepared by putting corn grains, onions, basil and vegetable sauce (pesto sauce on the pizza).
Health and wellness .

Nutritional value and benefits of Quinoa Pizza for the body:

Rich in protein: Quinoa beans contain more protein than rice, corn, oats and wheat. . Unlike wheat, quinoa is a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids and is gluten free. It can provide approximately 180% of the recommended daily amount of amino acids.
Lysine: Lysine is an essential amino acid that is not produced by the human body. As a result, you need to get lysine by consuming it in food. You need approximately 30 milligrams of lysine per kilogram of body weight per 100 grams quinoa contains 6.6 grams of lysine, which makes it a good source of plants.
 Fiber: Fiber contains 10% of quinoa seeds and approximately 78% of insoluble fiber which makes it not broken easily in the intestine. This gives quinoa a form of healthy fiber.
Fats: On average, quinoa seeds contain 5-7% fat and are often unsaturated with omega-3 and omega-6 acids.
Quinoa is gluten-free food: Quinoa is a safe gluten-free food especially for people with digestive disorders or gluten intolerances. A study found that 15 patients with gastrointestinal disorders have normal results in their intestines and blood and after eating quinoa every day for several weeks helped them regulate digestion easily.
Reduced LDL cholesterol: 35 women at the American Dietetic Association were divided into two groups. The first group consumed quinoa and the second group did not take. The results showed that taking quinoa for 4 weeks helped reduce the total cholesterol in the body of the study participants compared with those Women who did not take quinoa.
 Rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants are substances that help neutralize the effects of free radicals and reduce cell damage. Oxidative damage has been linked to heart disease and thus help protect against heart disease and a variety of inflammatory diseases.
Rich in minerals: If you do not get enough intake of minerals, quinoa is a good choice because it is rich in minerals, especially magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron It is surprising that quinoa contains a very high percentage of these minerals and one cup of quinoa contains 30% of the recommended amount of These minerals.
Improved metabolism: Quinoa helps you improve your metabolism.A study found that quinoa has health effects on metabolism.You can use quinoa instead of bread and pasta, because it reduces blood sugar and insulin levels
Help to lose weight: You should get fewer calories than we burn, it is known that some properties of foods help to improve metabolism and because quinoa is rich in protein and improve metabolism are foods that help in weight loss as the amount of high fiber in quinoa increases Of fullness and satiety making us eat fewer calories in general.
Easy to integrate into the diet: One of the most important features of quinoa is that it is very easy to integrate into your diet, whether taken alone or with other nutrients.

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